Interjumbo Service Srl offers the best air freight and shipment services, as well as national and international delivery.
Thanks to its solid experience, with over 45 years of history, the company is always careful to supply a customized service in order to satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients.

In the manufacturing bonds of the hub sited in Grandate, protected with the most advanced certified security systems, Interjumbo Service Srl manages international exportations and importations by air, sea and earth.
This is made in collaboration with a consolidate dense network of foreign agents. Through simplified procedure, consolidated with acquired AEO (f) Authorization, fulfils all types of customs operation for the regular forwarding of the entrusted deliveries.


The extensive distributed services of Interjumbo Service Srl ensures the correct routing and handling of the merchandise.


The daily connection with the main terminals of Italian and European AIRPORTS AND HARBOURS, guarantees the early departure of consolidated shipments, through primary Airline Companies (with which Interjumbo Service Srl, as Cargo agent IATA, has direct relationships every day); or through the principal most reliable shipping companies.